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Welcome! Whether you just started your pregnancy and  thinking about nursing your lil one right now or have nursed five kids already, I hope you find something useful on my site. I am the mother of two breast fed kiddos and I am expecting the third in early December. Head on over to my About page to read more about me. I am one of those moms who gets extremely irked by the comments I’ve heard from women about why they didn’t nurse their babies. “I tried but I just couldn’t do it.” Sometimes these women have tried for a whole twelve hours. Studies show that in fact, only a very very small amount of women can’t breastfeed. If your baby is not latching on right, there is help!

Talk to your doctor or midwife about breastfeeding while you are pregnant and talk to the hospital. Take the number of la leech league with you in your hospital bag. There are things you can do, and I intend to help. I post a lot of opinions and thoughts on My Blog section of the site. There are many facts, myths, and stories out there about nursing. In my Facts, Tips and Advice section I try to cover them all. For example: It is a fact that, for the most part, formula fed babies sleep better thru the night. Formula is full of empty calories and fills babies’ bellies up with junk. Choosing formula for this reason would be like giving your child a big slice of cake instead of an apple as a snack. Also, I’m sorry but being a parent is hard and you have to make sacrifices.

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Giving up a little sleep for your newborn is your first lesson in parenting. There are ways to help with the lack of sleep issue too and I’ll get into that later. There are so many reasons to nurse your baby. You may run into some issues with baby nursing, but with a little bit of help, you’ll be able to handle anything. And if you need a pick me up, check out my Humor section. After all, you’re a mommy now. You will be amazed at the super powers you now possess! I’m also happy to hear from all the other Moms out there! I have a special part of my site that’s dedicated to other Moms. I’d love if you all shared your stories, pictures and anything else with me, and I’ll post it on the Mom’s Stories section of the site. I would like to point out that a lot of what I write is my personal feelings. If you believe otherwise, that’s great but please don’t bash me for feeling the way I do. If you want to share a different perspective, I would be glad to post it.