Top 5 Mom And Baby Classes

I was fortunate enough to be able to take more than a full maternity leave! Being that H was born in July I arranged it so I would start teaching again next September, so almost 2 months bonus! I would not change my time off with her for anything, but I still found it challenging at times. Knowing myself I knew that I had to get out and do stuff, talk to people and try to stay active… so I signed up for some really fun classes! Here are my top 5 and some that I didn’t have a chance to try out, but that sounded great!

  1. Stroller Fitness: This is one that I am currently in and it is great! Some of the classes you take with a baby can be hit or miss on the actual intensity/work out aspect. this one is a challenge (but in a good way!).
  2. Baby Rhyme time: so great for baby social skills, vocabulary building and for helping mom learn new ways to entertain munchkin. I could go on and on and have in THIS previous post!
  3. Mom and Baby Yoga: This was one of the first things I signed up for and it was lovely! I really enjoyed taking this time for me, and having H with me. Unfortunately once H started rolling it became a bit of a struggle to actually get any of the yoga done! If you are interested I wrote more about it.
  4. Restore The Core: There were a ton of these classes offered all over my city! From the moms I talked to it sounded like each place had its own spin on what this looked like, but all good! I went with the one I did simply because some of my baby mommas were going there so it was a great chance for us to work out and catch up!
  5. Aqua size: Not sure I got the most amazing workout from this, but it was fun! Putting the babies in little boats and working out beside them was so cute. The little boats where probably the reason for the lack of a great work out as the cuteness was often very distracting! Once H got old enough to start to want to get out of the boat sadly we decided to be done with this! The pool where I did this also offered toddler babysitting in the shallow section. I saw some very happy moms with their little baby working out while their older child played in the shallows with a lifeguard. so great! More about swimming with a baby All of the above classes were so wonderful, not only for what they offered but also in meeting new friends and really feeling less isolated in this challenging new role as mom!
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A few other classes to consider:

  • if you really want to get out there and get a workout in with a little one, boot camps can be a great option. I  did a great one through the city of Calgary but I noticed they were offered all over the place!
  • N took H to swim lessons on Saturday morning which was a great bonding opportunity for him, and H just loves the water!
  • I wish I had time in my bust schedule to try a mom and baby Barre class, sounds challenging but fun!
  • Something more for your little one could be a mom and baby music class or gym class!
  • If you want to try a little of everything I have even noticed classes such as Mommy Connections  where you can try a little of everything!

I just love that there are so many different options out there… It might seem intimidating and strange to take your baby to some of these classes but remember that you are not alone! I think that is the entire point. whether you sign up for something official or not it is so helpful to get out!