To Cut Your Baby’s Nails

This can be scary, but it is something you will need to do sooner than later.

Your baby’s nails are growing just like everyone else. She may be ready for a manicure within her first week. ).

It cannot be easy to hold a knife near your baby’s tiny fingers. But it is an essential task. While your nails might be more flexible and soft than yours, the nails of an overgrown baby can be just as sharp, especially around her face. Get ready to trim.

How do you cut the nails of a baby?

Special baby scissors with round tips are best to avoid accidentally poking her.

  • Hold your baby’s finger and press the fingertip down on the nail.
  • Follow the natural curve of your fingernail. Be gentle, and don’t cut too low.
  • Cut her nails straight across when tending to her tiny toes. Remember that toenails grow slower and require less maintenance.

It is easier for parents to trim nails while the baby is asleep than for them. You can always grab a clipper from your diaper bag when you have the opportunity — in the stroller, at the wheel or in the car if someone is driving! You can also use it at Grandma’s house. You can also help if you have a helper — one of you can hold the baby’s hand and distract her with a song while the other clips.

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Is it okay to nibble the nail of a baby instead of using scissors?

Granma might suggest that you nibble or peel off baby’s tips, but it’s not the best idea. You may accidentally remove too much of the nail while nibbling could transfer your germs onto her skin.

Are you too squeamish for baby nail scissors and clippers? Instead, use a small emery board.

What should I do if my baby cuts her finger while I trim her nails?

Although it will make you feel terrible, don’t worry if you draw blood. It happens to all parents and manicurists. You don’t need to apply a bandage, as if the bandage is not attached, it can pose a danger of choking. Apply gentle pressure using a clean, lint-free cloth or gauze pad to stop bleeding.