The Signs Of A Bad Babysitter

Go on, admit it – sometimes you think your child’s caregiver isn’t giving you 100%, or even worse. There’s only one way to find out, and you’ll have to put on your detective hat and do some sleuthing. While some parents go the extreme of installing surveillance equipment, it’s often faster and easier to find out what’s going on through less intrusive methods.

Bad Babysitter

Is your baby happy to see your sitter when she arrives? Or does she become withdrawn or anxious? While a nanny or other caregiver will never replace Mom or Dad, a baby should naturally grow to love and trust a regular caregiver. Still, it’s not uncommon when a child and their babysitter just haven’t bonded – chemistry plays a role in all relationships. Does your babysitter seem secretive about their time with your child? After all, you probably want to hear everything about your child’s day while your were apart. If your babysitter doesn’t want to talk about it, either she’s not a great communicator or she has something to hide.

Your baby seems to have too many accidents. Do you suspect abuse? If so, your next step is to contact the authorities and find alternate childcare. But consider this – if your babysitter busy watching TV instead your baby, your little one might be finding her way into easily avoidable accidents. Simple requests are not being followed. You have partnered with your caregiver to care for your child, so she shouldn’t act as if she knows your baby better than you. Your baby looks tired or unkempt. If your babysitter can’t handle the basics of care giving, it could be a sign she’s not taking care of your child’s other needs.

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Your caregiver isn’t punctual. There’s nothing worse than an undependable babysitter – and they seem to have a knack for letting you down at the worst possible time. The good news? It’s a big world out there and you have a lot of options for childcare. Find someone better committed to the job and more considerate of your needs. She’s lying to you. Sometimes a babysitter’s stories simply don’t add up. And you don’t need to tolerate someone who lies, steals, or deceives you – for the relationship to work, you absolutely have to be able to trust your caregiver.