Skills and Sleep Disruptions

Babies are amazing! They transform from being tiny, sleepy babies to becoming active little ones in minutes. They are proud to roll over, sit, walk, talk, and so many other skills. Your baby will be proud of each one of these new skills. However, science has shown us that these new skills can disrupt sleep. It wasn’t something you just imagined! This video will explain:

These tips can help you avoid sleeping problems while learning this new skill.

You can practice during the day.

Your little one can learn new skills on the ground. Did he learn how to roll? Spend lots of time together on your stomach. Do they crawl? Encourage crawling by making toys that are a little too far away. Are you new to sitting or standing? You can practice standing, sitting, and lying. This will make it easier to master the new skill at night. It also provides exciting and active awake time to help your baby prepare for sleep at night.

You might consider a sleep sack.

Sleep bags can signal that it’s bedtime, reminding your child that it’s over. They can also restrict mobility, making it less appealing to your little one during a nap or night.

Stay consistent AND give everyone grace.

You don’t have to abandon all your healthy sleeping habits. You don’t have to abandon your sleep habits and routines. Give yourself and your child some grace. It is exciting and difficult to learn a new skill. It is temporary and will end soon!

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Be sure to have a solid sleep foundation before getting hit with these bumps.

A solid sleep foundation is crucial for navigating setbacks due to developmental strides or regressions. You can stick to the strategies you have been using with your baby if you already have a solid sleep foundation.

Ask for help.

Although learning new skills can disrupt sleep, you are not the only one! My classes will meet your baby at their developmental stage while keeping you involved throughout the process. Are you not ready to commit to a course? To help you get started, I offer a no-cost resource. You’ll get practical tips to improve your sleep and make your nights more enjoyable. You can also buy a phone consultation if you already use Taking Cara Babies strategies and speak with me 1-on-1. Our certified sleep consultants will meet with you to learn all about your family and create a plan for you to get there.

These are the moments you should enjoy with your baby. While new skills can disrupt your sleep, tools can help. These are big achievements. This is what you have!