Shop For Beautiful Wooden Toys For Girls

Little girls are treasures. I enjoy watching them play in their fictional little world and remember the days when I did that and when my daughter was in that “little world”. Today there are many toys in the market for girls to play. I have some favorites that I think are essential for girls.

Little girls love to cook. What better way to teach them to cook, other than to give them their own cooking? I like wooden baby girl toys like cooking games since durability is much better. Many wooden games include a wood kitchen cabinet, a wood stove and a wood refrigerator. These are the ones I call the basic wood kitchen sets.

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There are also some “extras” that include a wooden dishwasher and a wooden microwave. Another necessary element for a kitchen is a wooden table and chairs. A wooden chair and tables is a very multipurpose toy that will delight your daughter. Children can practice table manners while playing and perhaps use them for coloring, playing with puzzles or many other activities.

All little girls love their babies and love to “take care of them”. A little girl will feel much better if she knows that her baby is well cared for. A cradle of wooden dolls, a cradle or a bunk will be a wooden toy that you will appreciate. There are many styles of cribs and cribs. There are some that are stained, while others remain unfinished. There are even some oscillating wrist cradles that look very realistic. Some doll cribs come with a pillow and a lovely duvet set. I especially like wooden bunk beds, since many girls have more than one doll that will need a good night’s sleep.

Another wooden toys for kids girls will adore is a wooden doll. This wooden wrist swing is hard to find, but it is designed as an outdoor patio swing. Little girls will love swinging their dolls on this old wooden doll swing. The wooden doll swings that I like the most are made of hardwood and have chains that can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten the wooden seat.

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Little girls are not just dolls. There are many little girls who love their dolls, but they also love running and pretending in another world too. Wooden stick horses are an excellent option for girls too. Maybe she has a dream of becoming a barrel runner! There are many types of wooden horses. Some are made of wood, others are woven. Some wooden stick horses even come in kit form so you can design your own wooden stick horse.

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Other stick horses are built with soft polyethylene fabrics that are soft to the touch. They come in a variety of colors. Black, brown, gray, white are some of the colors and then there’s the carousel type of stick horses that are full of colors … even a bright blue of color with a mane of brightly colored yarn.

By giving your little girl a wooden toy, she is giving you a toy that will have durability and maybe even your grandchild likes to play. No, you will not have to buy batteries, but you will enjoy seeing the creativity and imagination of your little girl as she grows into a young girl.

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