H2O, AKA Water

Tip of the day; Provide easy access to Water for your kids.

My husband and I have had the same fight about water for 11 years now.  That fight goes something like this,

Me “I think we should get some bottled water to take to the cabin tomorow night.”

Him, “What? Do you think they don’t have any sinks there?”

Me, “I’m sure they do, but wouldn’t it be easier for the 40 grandkids that will be there to have their own bottle, then they can refill it if they want?”

Him, “I’m not about to pay a fortune for someone to fill up bottles from the sink in their basement and sell it to me.  At least soda companies are actually selling a product in their bottles. Not something we all have for free.”

Me, “So you would rather our kids drink soda pop for two days instead of water, so someone doesn’t make money off of us?”

Why couldn’t he use a more plausible excuse like,”bottled water bottles are bad for the environment” arguement, but he doesn’t care much about the environment.  Every single vacation we take, even a cruise where there is no water ANYWHERE he would get mad if I would purchase water.

Usually this argument only comes up when we go on a trip, because at home I do the grocery shopping, I can buy water anytime I want.  For me, I don’t feel that bottled water is superior to tap water, I just think it’s more convenient and kids are more likely to drink it when it’s convenient.  (please don’t make comments to this post wade…any comments in this entire blog by wade can be ignored.. that’s the husband. I’ve deleted several from him already 🙂

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At Thanksgiving we were assigned drinks for the family.  We do have a VERY LARGE family. My husband has 9 brothers and sisters, and his oldest sister has 9 kids and it goes down from there.  We have more than 40 neices and nephews just in my husbands family, and there are still more kids on the way. Anyhow, we brought 5 cases of soda pop to Thanksgiving dinner, and it was gone immediately… my mother in law had to get out more drinks.  There wasn’t a drop of water to be drunk during the entire celebration.

Once, Cereal boy saw a commercial for the bottled water  called “Aqua pods”. Bottled water for kids. The commercial said drinking Aqua pods is like a party.  It’s fun to drink.” So he really wanted to try it out. So, I did have a coupon for that product one day, and decided to buy it and give it a try. Cereal boy started drinking and then started laughing.  I said, “what’s so funny”. He said, “this water is like a party! It’s so fun to drink!” Well, there you have it, kids are brainwashed so easily.

So, the rest of the story goes, I won the fight yesterday (thanks Wade). We got a case of bottled water to bring to the cabin instead of cases of pop and as a result 50 less people in this world will get poisoned by Pepsi.

Quickly I’ll mention some benefits to drinking water; improves skin, reduces headaches due to dehydration (which is many of the headaches), assists digestion, improves energy, helps eliminate toxins from your body, helps maintain a healthy weight, and just makes you fell good!

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We purchased this small water bottle from walmart for under $1.00.  My kids love drinking from it. Make it easy, make it accesible and limit the other drink choices.  Water is GREAT!