Entertain Your Baby

To keep our baby happy and engaged, we got a few things that would entertain him. This Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym was one of the first items I added to my Baby Registry. We started using it when the baby was almost 2 months old. Honestly, for the first month of his life he cared only about milk and sleep, he started playing and exploring after the first month. All the bright colors, soft fabric and sounds captured his attention. The mat exposes the baby to different types of fabric, it comes with a bunch of toys and a mirror, that hang down just enough for small baby hands to reach out and grasp them. The toys can been detached, you can switch, also you can attach them to a stroller. The only item I didn’t like is the mirror, it is way too small, and so the baby can’t really find his reflection. The music is very nice, with jungle sounds and the best part are the colored lights that turn on and off while the music plays and kept my baby attention for 15 minutes sometime, which is a long time, believe me!

How to Entertain a Baby

Fisher Price GYM

Another great toy that our baby loves is his friend Freddie The Firefly. We got him this toy at almost three month, and he played with it ever since. The toy is very versatile; it attracts baby’s attention with different bright colors, and a black and white pattern on the wings. It is easy to grasp, and even if it looks big, it is lightweight, so the baby can easily play with it. The body is covered in soft velour, the attached rings are great for little baby hands to grasp on and chew. The wings make a funny crinkly sound. It also has a small peekaboo mirror that we actually never used since it is too small.

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Freddie The Firefly

Another great toy you can take with you on stroller walks, or just to distract the baby in his car seat is this Baby Einstein take along Tunes, it will keep your baby happy and engaged with 7 classical melodies and some fun colorful lights. The toy is a little heavy, so it is not very secure with small babies since they can easily hurt themselves. The music is fun, and he really likes listening to it.

Einstein take along tunes

This Manhattan Toy Winkel is a great finding too, lightweight, bright colored, easy to grasp from different angles, and it can also serve as a teething ring.

Manhattan Toy Winkle

We got this Tiny Love Take – along Arch to keep the baby entertained on his walks. It has a propeller that the baby loves, but started independently playing with it only at 6 months. The sun is shine and it reflects the light a little, the butterfly makes a crinkly sound that Sebastian likes. It is very easy to install, and you can attach other toys as well on the arch.

Tiny Love Tale along arch

If you would like to get a rattle ring for your baby, consider this Sassy Ratlin Ring is also a fun first toy, my baby played with it a few times and likes it.

Sassy Ratline Ring

We also got him the famous Sophie the Giraffe, which I liked a lot, it is hand painted, BPA free, 1005 natural rubber and food paint, it is light weight, makes a squishy sound and works as a teether. Sebastian liked it, but he wasn’t crazy about it as I saw other babies, constantly playing or chewing on Sophie. Sebastian still prefers Fredie the Firefly the most.

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