Dress Your Baby for Comfortable Sleep

How can you dress your baby to be comfortable while they sleep? This can be stressful for parents. Why? We know that babies who are too hot or cold don’t sleep well. Let’s discuss how to dress your baby to sleep and how to tell if they are comfortable.

Is there a temperature that is perfect for sleeping?

There may be recommendations that you set your bedroom temperature to between 68 and 72 degrees when you go to sleep. Let me remind you, before you set your thermostat, that every home has different temperatures. While the recommended temperature range is not always possible, babies can still feel safe and comfortable.

Where do I begin?

You’ll first need to put your baby to sleep as you dress yourself.

Let’s take a look at how you dress for sleep. Do you sleep in flannel pajamas or a heavy comforter? Your baby should be dressed in the same way as you. You might need to wear fleece-footed pajamas, a sleeping bag, or a swaddle. Let’s suppose you wear a t-shirt, a sheet, and go to bed. Your baby should be dressed in the same way as you. You might choose to wear a onesie with a light swaddle or a sleep sack for your baby.

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Your baby will most likely feel the same way as you.

How can I tell if I’m doing it right?

What does this mean? You can feel your baby’s core, chest and back. Using your baby’s feet or hands as indicators is not possible. The core is always there. Is her core warm but not too hot? Is she not cold? You’re right!

Let’s suppose you do a quick assessment and find that he’s a little sweaty or has his cheeks flushed. You’re probably too warm. It’s time to remove a layer. You might need to take off a layer if he wears long-sleeved jammies.

Here are some options for keeping your baby warm if your baby is still too warm.

  • Use a diaper underneath the swaddle.
  • You might consider a product with more airflow, such as the Embed swaddle and Anna and Eve swaddle strap.

If she feels cool, what do you do? Add another layer. You might consider thicker jammies or a onesie underneath pajamas or a thicker sleep bag or swaddle.

Remember: We will still follow the safe sleeping guidelines. We won’t add blankets or other loose items to the crib.

A TOG rating is a rating that indicates how warm a swaddle or sleep sack might be. You can read more about them in this blog.

This is how it looks in action.

Let me show you some babies. You will be amazed at how different parents dress their babies in different temperatures. These parents did it perfectly, and each baby is dressed slightly differently.

I have always been told that my baby should be covered in more layers than I am. Do I have to do that?

This is true from the beginning. Your nurse might add a layer of warmth to your baby right after you give birth. Babies learn to regulate their body temperature in the first few days. Most babies will know the basics by the time they return home or within the first week. If you have any questions, your doctor can help.

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Let’s now talk about the monitor.

Monitors don’t always accurately measure the temperature of a room, according to my experience. We shouldn’t stress if the monitor shows too much heat or too little cold. Your baby will be observed and assessed by you. Do you want to watch this?