Clean Your Home With Home-Made Cleaning Products

There are plenty of reasons for you to learn how to make
your own home cleaning solvents in order to avoid using toxic detergents and
chemicals. If you want more natural disinfection of your home services, try to
save some money or simply want to help the environment, you could replace the
expensive detergents with more eco-friendly solutions that can be easily
prepared by yourselves.

This article will not only inform you about the natural cleaning product’s advantages but will also offer you some easy and inexpensive recipes that you can try out.

Why Using Home-made Cleaning Products?

They are a lot cheaper than the ones sold in the stores

The truth is that users can never be sure about the safety of the detergents bought in the stores, not to mention that in many cases the quality of the product depends a lot on its brand. The recipes for home-made cleaning products, on the other hand, almost always include ingredients that can be found in every home or are inexpensive. In addition, only a small amount of product is needed to get excellent results.

They are made quickly and easily

Everything you have to do is pour the ingredients in some kind of a plastic container or spray bottle and add some water. Then, shake the container and that is all. And it certainly takes less time than going to the store and purchasing a detergent, not to mention it could be a lot of fun, too.

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They are both efficient and non-toxic

One can say that home-made cleaning products are even more efficient in comparison to the ones we are sold in the stores because they can actually eliminate dirt in just a few minutes by using minimum efforts. Another advantage of the natural cleaning solvents is the fact that they are practically risk-free and do not harm human body and the environment, so using such products is a great solution for everyone who wants to protect their family from exposure to any harmful, poisonous or allergies-provoking substances.

So, if you remember your mother or grandmother using some vinegar or baking soda whenever cleaning the house, it is time to bring back time and get back to the basics. When it comes to natural cleaning products, simplicity is everything, as it is exactly what counts.

How Do Home-made Cleaning Products Actually Work?

The low levels of pH and the acetic acid in vinegar make most microorganisms’ reproduction hard. In addition, the acidity also eliminates mineral accumulations of calcium, limestone and soap. Moreover, natural oils add some anti-bacterial, anti-virus and anti-fungal properties to the home-made cleaning product.

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Home-made Cleaning Products Recipes

Natural cleaning product for universal use

In order to prepare this eco-friendly solvent by yourselves, you will need 1 soup spoon of virgin oil soap, 1 tea spoon of borax, 5-6 drops of lemon oil and some water. Lavender or tea tree oil could also be used instead of lemon oil. All ingredients should be mixed together in a spray bottle. This cleaning product could be used on literally every surface in your home for excellent results. I learned this recipe from professional cleaners from Tenancy Cleaning Clapham.

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Eco-friendly kitchen cleaning products

This solvent is very easy to make and is a fantastic choice
when it comes to kitchen cleaning. All you need is half a glass of white
vinegar, 2 soup spoons of baking soda, 5-6 drops of tea tree or eucalyptus oil
and some water.

First, pour the white vinegar in an empty reusable spray bottle and add the baking soda. Then, add the natural oil of your choice and mix all the ingredients well by shaking the plastic container well. Lastly, add some water to fill the spray bottle and shake it well to mix the ingredients once again.

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