The book, “When God Made You” by Matthew Paul Turner, is a wonderful read for children.  I read this book aloud to my children, and they loved it!  Often, kids ponder the reason why they’re here on earth and the book, “When God Made You” seeks to answer that question.

I wanted to introduce God to my kids as the Master Creator.  My kids had questions such as who made this world and who made me.  “When God Made You” is a perfect book to delve into the answer on who they are as human beings and who they are meant to be.

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“When God Made You” is a delightful book that teaches valuable lessons in diversity and celebrating one’s uniqueness.  We are not all the same; we are different and unique yet are still part of the human race and God’s own creation.

I love this book because it shows that we are loved by God and are vehicles for God’s glory.  My children and all children as magnificent human beings designed for more than what they could only imagine in life.

The pages are whimsical and imaginative, full of childhood dreams and colors.  Seeing where kids fit in the scheme of life is important to them as well as fulfilling their true potential.  This book encourages all this and more.  The illustrations show kids having fun, creating, and sharing their space with others.

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God delights in his creation and wants children to grow up to be kind, bold, and confident in the world.  This book also touches upon humanity’s hope for a better world in fulfilling our kids’ true potential. As a parent, I enjoyed this book so much.

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I want my kids to be respectful of other people’s differences and to realize everyone has talents and abilities to contribute to the world, including their own.

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