Best Gifts for Parents

Are you looking for the perfect gift for parents? You can give a big or small gift, practical or extravagant, and make someone you care about feel special. These ideas are great for parents.

These gifts are perfect for parents. Take a look at these and decide if you’d like to share them with someone you love. It’s okay to say what you want if others express a desire for you to be celebrated!

Give the gift that sleeps.

Parents can make a big difference with sleep. You can gift sleep with my newborn class or the First Five Months Bundle. You can either order a gift card online and send it electronically or print it and give it to the parents.

Something that speaks to the heart

The Mama Necklace is a special gift that I received. Since my husband gave it to me five years ago for Mother’s Day, I have worn it almost every day. These bracelets personalized to the baby’s name are a favorite of many moms. This mug is something I use every day; the message I need is always there.


In my opinion, a gift that doesn’t require you to cook is always a great one. We often think of delivery meals as something for new parents. However, it can also be a great gift for parents of children of all ages.

A gift certificate for food delivery (UberEats or DoorDash) or grocery delivery (like Shipping) is a great gift for parents who don’t like cooking.

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Tip: Bring a home-cooked meal and freeze it. Sometimes, new parents don’t have the time or desire to cook.

Self-Care Items

Parents could use some pampering. A new blanket or soothing candle can make a big difference. Chelsey Zhang has some of my favorite products for mamas and babies.

It’s possible to spend a lot and buy the parents a pedicure or massage. Consider child care and how they may be able to find the time to take care of their baby while you are there.

New loungewear

Many new parents spend much of their time cuddling up with their babies at home. You can help a new mom feel more comfortable by getting some new pajamas or a robe while snuggling her baby.

Gift baskets filled with everything you need to make your morning coffee or tea look great and practical. You can start with a mug. I like this mom mug and this daddy’s mug. It’s a great way to get your mornings off to a good start. Might you like to add something more?

Do you want to add something extra? These mug warming devices are great for parents who need to heat their mugs quickly. Do you want to spend? These Ember Mugs will keep your hot beverage at the perfect temperature throughout the day.

Essentials for Baby

You don’t need another outfit. New parents cannot have enough diapers, wipes and diaper cream.

Do you want something they won’t have bought for themselves? You might consider a water heater to feed formula-feeding families or a basket of supplies for breastfeeding moms.


  • Many people say their favorite gift is a cleaning service gift certificate so they can focus on their baby and themselves.
  • Are there older siblings or a toddler at home? You can prepare or buy activities for your baby while you take care of it.
  • Gift cards are always a good choice when in doubt.
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Don’t be afraid to ask that special person in your family, “Hey, what’s your favorite thing?” You’d be so honored if I gave you the gift you want! Let’s make it a norm to love and be loved by others, especially parents.