Best & Creative Baby Shower Gifts Ideas

Many people find it difficult to come up with any gift ideas for newborns, particularly creative baby shower gifts. This is especially true if they are not parents themselves and are therefore somewhat at a loss to figure out precisely what a newborn needs! Once they get past the usual clothing items, baby bottles, bibs, etc they seem to run out of ideas. Fortunately, that need not be the case. Let’s check out a few ideas for practical and creative baby shower gifts.Keep in mind that any present that makes the life of the parents or the baby easier is bound to be appreciated by the mother to be.As one might imagine, a huge task for many parents is getting the baby to sleep. Anything that helps in this regard would be very welcome. Of course, there are no surefire ways of accomplishing this job – what lulls one baby to sleep may have no effect on another.

Best Baby Shower Gifts

However, some products are useful, judging by the experience of several parents. A crib mobile is one such item. Then there are CDs with music that claims to help infants sleep – they do work in at least some cases. A night lamp could be another such product. Suggestion — buy all three and gift it to the expectant mother as a ‘sleep kit’ for the baby! She’ll love it! While we are on the subject of sleep, did you know that babies do not always sleep peacefully like we assume they do? Many babies tend to have a hand or leg caught in some portion of the crib. Some get entangled in their bedclothes. Other babies fall asleep on their tummy, which can be dangerous.Despite these dangers, no parent can mount a watch over their baby all the time. To help solve this problem, there are specially designed baby wraps available. These products ensure that the baby does not end up in a risky position. They allow the infant to move around within the wrap, but will prevent her from falling off a cot, for example. They will also not allow the infant’s arms or legs to get caught in parts of the crib / cot. These special wraps are fairly creative baby shower gifts — the mom-to-be is sure to appreciate one.

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Ideas For Baby Gifts

Playing is another favorite activity for babies. There is a wide variety of playpens and activity gyms available for babies. For the uninitiated, these playpens consist of a soft mat on which the baby can lie down while playing, along with a structure of colorful arches, bars, etc over the mat. It is possible to suspend many baby toys from these bars. Some types of playpens have noisemakers and other enhancements. Many are portable and can be easily folded up. They make great gifts at showers. Baby monitors are another terrific baby shower gift. As a parent, I know that monitors lowered my stress level quite a bit when the baby was small. It’s a great thing to be able to watch what the baby is doing while you are active in the living room or elsewhere. It boosts your confidence like nothing else will. Try gifting one to first time parents — they will thank you every time they use it.A baby shower cake is another terrific gift idea. They are huge, tiered structures — full of diapers and other baby essentials and beautifully packaged too. Be prepared to be the center of attention when you walk into a shower carrying one! They are very practical gifts because the parents get lots of baby stuff at once. As you can see, there is really no dearth of ideas for creative baby shower gifts. Think carefully about the needs of the parents-to-be and come up with a gift that will be treasured by them for a long time.

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