Babysitters and Baby Sleep

A sitter can trust your baby, particularly if they help with bedtime sleep time. Let’s discuss making sure your baby and sitter have a great time.

Start with a great sleeping partner.

Parents have one of the most pressing concerns when leaving their baby with a babysitter. This can be made easier by having a good little sleeper to help you choose a sitter. Have trouble imagining someone else putting your baby to bed? I offer classes to help you set up your baby’s day and night for success.

Take a tour of the house.

You should show your sitter every room and space where your baby might be spending time. Tell your sitter where you can get extra diapers, wipes and pajamas. There have been times when your baby needs a change of clothes right away. Your sitter should know where everything is located, so they don’t have to search for it when they need it.

 Please leave instructions for feeding.

Your baby may be receiving formula or breast milk. Make sure you show how to prepare the bottles and thaw them. Be sure to give your baby some familiar options if you give solid foods. You can also avoid potential allergies by preparing meals and snacks in advance.

Talk about sleepy cues and wake windows.

Your sitter can make a big difference by understanding sleepy cues, wake Windows and other important information.

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Talk about how long your baby stays asleep during a nap and what to do if he wakes up early. It’s okay if things don’t go according to plan.

Describe your bedtime and nap routine.

Take a look at your routine before you go to sleep. Make sure to remember all the details. You might want to know how to use the baby monitor or sound machine, swaddle your baby, use the sleeping bag, and what books to read. Talk to your sitter to find out if your baby can fall asleep on its own and how long it takes.

This is not something I want to make you stress about. Babies are intelligent! Babies have different expectations. It doesn’t matter if your sitter does it differently than you.

It is important to write it down.

You can leave notes a few minutes before the time so that you don’t forget any important information and that your sitter doesn’t have to keep track of everything. You can rest assured that your sitter will have the information they need if things get hectic as you try to get out the door.

You can download free templates for babysitters to share with your sitter. You can download the template according to your baby’s age ( 0-5 months5-24 months) and complete it before your babysitter arrives. You can even fill out the forms and save them for later!