Baby Skinny Jeans & Birthday Wishes At The W’s Sushi Roku & Scottsdale Optima’s Nourish

Yesterday was my fabulous sister’s birthday! Fabulous is just one of the many positive adjectives I could use to describe Jenn, aka The Posh Prester. Sweet, loving, beautiful, ultra-giving, fun, fashionable. Our Aunt came into town for the day and we headed to Sushi Roku at The W hotel in Scottsdale. I admit, when headed to such swanky spots with Blake, I get a little nervous. Will she behave? Will I end up being that mom who is completely unaware how my babe is causing a scene (and not the good kind of scene!)? Parental worries aside for one minute, there is also the (not as equally, but ever so important) matter of what to wear for mom and tyke alike. I may have mentioned before that I love fashion.

Style to me does not come in the form of a $$$ price tag but in putting your own personal stamp on it. I love to rock quality items, yet find such items at steal-of-a-deals and I am never above finding unique clothing anywhere. Yes, even Wal Mart. Gasp. Wait a second let me explain). Blake’s dear buddy Emery dons the absolute cutest pair of skinny jeans known to man–and Emery is just two years old and her mama found her jeans in Europe. I have been on the hunt for a pair for Blake and imagine my absolute delight when I stumbled upon this pair of OP skinnies while shopping for blueberries and contact lens solution at Wal Mart. $7.50 later, Blake was the proud owner of her own little jean leggiest! I washed them with excited haste and paired them with gold flats from Babies R Us, and a Lucky tunic I found at Last Chance (Nordstrom’s one of a kind clearance house located here in Arizona).

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Viola! Here is my little fashionista at lunch with her Aunt Jenn:

Before you judge me and think. “Wait a second here… looks like Blake is running ALL over that restaurant! I thought Jaime didn’t want to be THAT mother!” I have to confess, we did let Blake walk circles around the place. She loved it. And the place was empty. And we walked with her and steered clear of the other parties (only to have them come up to us and say what a well-behaved-tyke Blake was). With only two other tables far away from us and a super friendly waitress and staff, it was almost like we had the run of the place (well, Blake thought so!). We all ordered the Bento Box for around $15… mine included a generous portion of rice, teriyaki salmon, three spicy tuna rolls and three California rolls, miso soup, salad, pickled cucumbers, and green tea sorbet to end the meal. The food was delicious. The wait time from the moment we placed our order till the time the plates came out was unusually long–especially for how dead the place was. However, it was high chair friendly and the bathroom was super-swanky-hotel-quality-clean and easy for baby-changing.

Blake enjoyed the salmon. She was not a fan of the green tea sorbet… which definitely had a distinct tea taste.

After lunch, we headed to check out my sister’s new condo, an Al Beadle design original, which is in the process of being gutted. It is going to be fantastic when it is finished! Then it was present time and time to refuel on Orange Spice Ice Tea at Have Java.

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More walking ensued for Bakers:

Blake started her day. And then we were out the door for lunch she was a trooper and super bubbly throughout the day.

However by, little one had expired, and it was time to head home:

Blake fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep over the usual 30 min drive home–which ended up taking almost 50 mins! Monsoon season is upon us and I felt like we were driving into a raging ocean. Okay, not that bad. But the rainy and wind was pretty crazy. We drove Aunt Carol right up to the door of her car the rain was coming down so hard. I got Blake cleaned up, ready for bed, dinner for her belly and welcomed Bobby home. A hasty clean up for mama here, and I was out the door again a little before 7 to head to Jenn’s bday dinner at Nourish located in Scottsdale at the Optima Lofts. My poor SUV swayed in the wind and I even hydro-planed for a second. Where in the world did this weather come from? The morning was hot and well into the hundreds, by the time I left for the evening it was 75 degrees out! That is Arizona for you.

Back to dinner plans. Nourish has a large variety of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose free options. There is a hefty selection of meals and drinks alike in a very relaxed atmosphere. I was not overly impressed with my spicy avocado and mango salad topped with grilled salmon, and I heard mixed thoughts on the veggie burgers, but I was very impressed with our waitress. Super friendly and nice staff. And refreshing cucumber water is served complimentary. Our waitress was also very accommodating for our home-made (almost) vegan cupcakes we brought along. I made mini-cupcakes with Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt brownie mix (it does have egg-whites in the mix). I mixed them up with applesauce and 1 teaspoon almond flavoring. For the frosting, I drizzled it raw. Made with raw cacao mixed with raw pomegranate powder and a little bit of light agave syrup. It was a lovely dinner with even lovelier girls and the loveliest of birthday girls! Happy Birthday dear ditter of mine!

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