A Parent should Never Hit a Child – Read Why!

Normally as a parent, you think you have the right to hit your child if he or she behaves in a disagreeable manner. But morally, just consider this at least once again. Do you think it is the right way of parenting? Well, if you ask us, hitting a child can be totally unethical and unacceptable behaviour. And if you realise, there are many harmful effects of doing so – and illegal in most countries too.

The dangerous effects of hitting a child

We understand that managing a child along with all your other duties is quite difficult. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spank the kid if he or she misbehaves or does something that irritates you. And sometimes we have seen parents hitting a child because they are too stressed because of their work. This obviously shouldn’t happen. If you think you can’t cope with managing the child along with your work, then you can always take some help from one of the best facilities for childcare in Auckland like BloomingBuds. They tend to care for your child just as you do and even help in teaching them all the etiquettes and values better. And if you want to know the consequences you’ve to face in future because you hit your child now, then read on:

  • Hitting encourages hitting — We all know that the children imitate what they see their parents doing. So, when you hit a child, there are very high chances that even the child will hit others. This will make your child more violent when he or she grows up.
  • Your child thinks of hitting as normal — When you hit your child a lot, the child considers that hitting is entirely normal. So, even when your child is being spanked or bullied outside (say, at school or in the playground), he or she will not complain or consider it abnormal — and this encourages physical abuse a lot.
  • Hitting devalues the child —When you are hitting the child regularly, the child feels that he or she is not valued enough to be respected or loved. This obviously leads to a lack of confidence in your child, and you will also see many negative behavioural patterns in your kid when he or she grows up.
  • Hitting never works — If you think that being physical with a child would work and you will see a positive effect in your kid, then you’re highly mistaken. Remember, hitting never works. In fact, it will deteriorate the behaviour of your child and you will see the kid becoming even more adamant and abusive.
  • Hitting devalues the parents as well —If you are in a habit of hitting your child when he or she commits even a minor mistake, then your kid tends to assume you as someone not respectable. They will automatically feel a grudge towards you which can turn into hatred as a child grows up. Obviously, this is not something welcoming in a healthy parent and child relationship.
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These reasons are practical and understandable enough to make you realise that hitting is never welcome in a positive parent and child relationship. So, mend your ways and embrace positive parenting habits.